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1. You can try to use Microsoft Office macro recorder to create a macro and save it.
2. If you want to use a macro, it is possible to disable macros from the Options>Trust Center and Options>Security page
3. The virus randomly selects a code from 10,000 codes. The code is located in the registry of each user: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\OneHalf\Codename
4. Virus will encrypt 5 cylinders from the beginning of the hard drive using block encryption algorithm.

As we all know, people love to play games and the video game market has grown into a huge industry. In particular, mobile games have grown in popularity due to the fact that they can be played anywhere and are very portable, allowing players to take them almost anywhere and play them whenever and wherever they want to.
This market is also one of the most profitable markets, at the moment. But why do people play games?
According to a study by Game Camp, 90% of all game players surveyed said that they played games for fun, with 14% saying they did it to relax and 6% saying they did it to help them deal with stress and anger.
The other thing that people love about playing games is the feeling that they can use their gaming skills in real life. A survey done by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) found that 32% of all gamers say they want to use their game skills to make real-life money, while 19% want to find a way to help others in the world.


A computer virus (often shortened to virus) is a computer program, typically a self-replicating and malicious program, designed to infiltrate and modify the host computer’s software or data without the owner’s consent. It is the malicious counterpart to a computer virus. While a computer virus spreads from one computer to another, a worm spreads from one computer to many computers.
Viruses may also be found on floppy disks, compact discs, and other media.

The name is derived from the word “virus” and its Latin origin, virus, meaning poison or malignant disease, rather than any implications of maliciousness in itself. Some viruses, such as computer worms and Trojan horses, can be self-propagating programs that copy themselves to other host files and programs without the knowledge of the infected computer’s user.

Viruses commonly have a trojan horse component that appears 384a16bd22

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This VB.NET program was developed by Karl Montgomery.
It is a keystroke macro recorder.
It will capture everything that you type on your keyboard and save it in a text file.
The program is a powerful tool for those who type a lot of code.
KEYMACRO is very easy to use and understand. It was designed to be a complete program.
Here are some main features of KEYMACRO:
Capture all typed keystrokes, from the Windows keyboard, and from the keyboard of other applications, such as notepad, wordpad, etc.
Save these keystrokes to a text file.
This text file can be easily opened with a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.
Includes many useful features:
Record macros of sequences of keystrokes
Capture macros as they are running.
Automatically capture keystrokes in a loop.
Automatically capture macros of an entire application, including Notepad, wordpad, etc.
Save macro text in Notepad, Wordpad, text, or TXT.
This is an useful program for those who like to develop their own software and need to have a record of what they type in their programs.
This is a freeware program. You can download and install this VB.NET program in minutes.
User Guide:
You can find the user guide in the download file.
Some samples:
“I want to make this capture”, 10/18/06
I “Saved a copy as a backup” to my file
My “I’m going to buy another one”, 10/18/06
I “My computer’s a little slow”, 10/18/06
“I want to buy this one”, 10/19/06
“Here’s a list of my prices”, 10/19/06
“I’m going to buy it”, 10/19/06
And so on…
2. “Here are the prices on the hymnals”
3. “I’m going to buy this hymnal”, 10/19/06
4. “It should be here soon.”
5. “I’m going to buy this hymnal.”
6. “Here are the prices on the hymnals.”
7. “I’m going to buy this hymnal.”
8. “It should be here soon.”
9. ”

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