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Create sound effects from patterns you hear in your everyday life. Similar to the Looney Labs QuickDraw series, the QUACK’s pre-made sounds can be used for amazing sound effects for you games or multimedia. Enjoy the user friendly interface.
Create sound effects from patterns you hear in your everyday life. QUACK has 30 pre-made sounds for games, multimedia, music, background effects, and much more. QUACK comes with 9 basic sound sources:
– Sine, square, sawtooth oscillators
– Fourier waveform generator
– WAV file input (to import real sounds)
– Granular Synthesizer
– General math function
– Math wave
QUACK comes with 6 custom waveforms, but you can create any kind of waveform for all sounds with a simple waveform generator.
– Custom waveform
– Custom scale
– Custom frequency
– Custom amplitude
Complex sounds can be synthesized from simple sounds using 6 different techniques (or any combination of them):
– Modulating
– Sequencing
– Music modulation
– Sample and hold
3 different envelopes are available:
– General envelope
QUACK Sound Editor lets you create sound effects based on the visual editors. If you want, just connect the GUI to your sound files and start playing. It’s that easy.
Q. What are Q-Components?
Q-Components are used to make custom sounds easier to create. For example, they can be used to adjust the pitch of a custom sound.
Q. How do I generate a custom sound?
Go to the section “Q-components” in the “Editor Options” window. There you can set the custom parameters for the sound you want to create.

Q: Can I make my own sound samples?
It is easy to make your own samples with different sounds. You just need the Universal Audio File (UAF) format (which can be used with Q-Components). You can use them as ‘external sound source’ to create new sounds.
Q: Can I save my own sounds for my creations?
Yes you can! You can save sounds in the UAF format.
Q: How do I adjust the size of the sine wave?
There are two ways to adjust the size of the sine wave:
– The ‘natural shape’ of the waveform.
– The slope of the ramp.
By setting the slope of the ramp to 100, 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a great tool for capturing and editing keyboard macro sequences. Each keystroke is saved to a macro sequence and can be loaded back anytime.
Keystroke Recording
KEYMACRO uses a special built-in recording engine. The recording engine allows you to record any actions you perform on the keyboard.
Drag-and-drop of macro sequences
You can start any macro sequence by dragging and dropping the sequence from one Keymacro window into another. This makes it easy to start the same sequence on multiple keyboards.
Macro sequences can be saved as.wav files and can be loaded on any computer via a USB stick.
Totally customizable behavior
Keymacro allows you to override each keystroke with a different function by using custom actions in the Main Window.
Precision and correctness
Keymacro works with unlimited keys, which means that you can enter any sequence of keystrokes.
Each keystroke is recorded in the order it is pressed. You can test and edit the recorded sequences by pressing F1, F2, F3, etc. This allows you to get a precise preview of the sequence before it is saved.
Syntax Editing
Keymacro allows you to edit the recorded sequence in a syntax that is very intuitive to use and understand.
Predefined actions
You can also create and edit your own actions. Each action is stored in a separate macro sequence and can be loaded at any time.
Precision and correctness
Keymacro uses a special built-in editing engine, which allows you to edit the recorded sequences in real-time.
Each action has an own window in which you can preview and edit the action. This helps you to understand the behavior and the consequences of your actions.
Totally customizable behavior
Keymacro allows you to override each action with a different function.
The main window offers you an easy-to-use interface that you can use to enter a sequence of keystrokes.
Macro sequences can be saved as.wav files and can be loaded on any computer via a USB stick.
Professional appearance
Keymacro’s polished appearance makes it look professional.
KEYMACRO keystoke recording utility. Allows you to capture and edit the keystrokes you perform on the keyboard.
KeyMacro helps you to prepare events such as the keyboard shortcuts you use daily.
To review each keystroke, the mouse is not required. Just click on any key, and the sequence is shown.

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