Crusader Kings 2 Dlc Activator













Crusader Kings 2 Dlc Activator


Apr 22, 2019
Wanted to know how can I get Curse Of Darkness DLC on new version of Crusader Kings 2. Tried to activate the DLC through Curse client but it doesn’t work. .Q:

What is this bean’s purpose?

So I have an app that is consuming an API service which has a restful method that returns a list of objects. I have looked at the object and see that I can get this to work directly by manipulating the method.
What I am wondering is, if I replace the object with a bean that implements the same interface and returns a list of the same objects, will it be able to handle this list? (If it does, how would I do this?)
interface Service {
List getStuff();

public class ServiceImpl implements Service {

public List getStuff() {
//Do stuff

return listOfT;


The bean itself will have some logic, like “how do I return my object to the client”; the library can’t help you there. However, it can probably do something to match the API at your level. For example, if it assumes that objects in your list are serializable, it might know how to serialize the list into a JSON object and therefore doesn’t have to do that kind of mapping at its end.

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I think your best bet is to get Wine, you can download Wine here. Once you have Wine installed, go to and install Civet, open the launcher and run the “Crusader Kings II: Game Installer”. That should install it for you.
Alternatively, there is probably a discord chatroom to discuss using Wine and Civet as well.
Good luck!

While the link to the prior Week in review, as regards my appearance on “PBS NewsHour” is now no longer active on the PBS website, I thought I would reproduce my comments on “Panorama” there as well.

In the years since my discussions with Richard Haass on the issue of the drive to war with Iran have been published, we have both had, and continue to have, periodic opportunities to discuss the matter on panel discussions. During the last months of this process, on this blog and on my Facebook page, we have sought to make the case for a change in the policy of the US toward Iran.

In my last email to Richard, I described the June 25, 2015 panel discussion, and wished him well in his appearance. In the same email, I made the statement that is now reproduced below.

I was not asked to appear on this panel, but upon learning that the discussion would focus on American policy toward Iran, I sent an email to Sari Nusseibeh of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in which I stated:

“I wish you and Richard well in the discussion. I believe that his presentation will effectively engage on a substantive basis with the concerns, or lack of concern, to which he is responding. Unfortunately, this is a different matter from whether it is possible to avoid war in the near future. I suppose I cannot but hope.”

If the intention of the panel was to proceed in ways that were not productive, they did so. Those efforts had dire consequences.

I am very sorry that we found ourselves in the position of asking for a ceasefire, and thus, were subject to being represented as supporting an end to the exercise of military might. When we argued that there are alternatives to war, that these alternatives should be brought to the table, that the US should be willing to eschew its current policy, and that at a certain

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