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The Costal Clips window contains list of active clips. A single clip is displayed as a single row of text. The text in each row is highlighted (in yellow) when the mouse hovers over it. When using Ctrl-Alt-Down, a shortcut key can be defined which will display the Costal Clips window at the bottom of the screen.
For example, pressing Ctrl-Alt-Down sets the shortcut key CTRL+ALT+DOWN to perform this action.
Costal Clips allows to select one or more clips and save them in a file named.costal or to paste them directly in a web browser.
The system tray icon displays the following information:

Opened files containing clips (Ctrl+Alt+D to display, file path in brackets)
Costal Clips version
Clip counter
Program duration (in seconds)
The last opened text in each clip (Ctrl+Alt+T to activate)

Main Window
Costal Clips main window has the following main sections:

– Clip line
– Clip data
– Clip Options:
– Copy to clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+C)
– Copy to clipboard with Undo (Ctrl+Alt+U)
– Paste from clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+P)
– Paste from clipboard with Undo (Ctrl+Alt+UP)
– Paste url from clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+U)
– Clip list
– To-do list
– Clip actions:
– To-do list actions (Ctrl+Alt+A to activate)
– To-do list actions with Undo (Ctrl+Alt+U to activate)
– Auto-launch previous clip in this window (Ctrl+Alt+L)
– Auto-launch previous clip in this window with Undo (Ctrl+Alt+U)
– Auto-launch previous clip in this window with CTRL+Down (Ctrl+Alt+L)
– Auto-launch previous clip in this window with CTRL+ALT+Down (Ctrl+Alt+L)
– Auto-launch previous clip in this window with CTRL+Shift+Down (Ctrl+Alt+L)
– Auto-launch previous clip in this window with CTRL+ALT+Shift+Down (Ctrl+Alt+L)
– Auto-launch previous clip in this window with CTRL+Up (Ctrl+Alt+U)

Coastal Clips

What’s New In?

Costal Clips, written by Jean-Pierre Leduc.
Costal Clips is a tool that catches clipboard text. The program starts and resides in the system tray recodind a list of your clipboard items.
Coastal Clips caches up to 72 previously copied bits of text. To paste any of the previously copied texts, simply press on a predefined key (ex: F2) or set of keys (ex: Ctrl-Alt-Down) and the main Costal Clips window will appear.
Then click on the desired text in the list box. The text can also be pasted by pressing the corresponding number or letter key (1-9, 0, A-Z and Shift 1-9, Shift A-Z) next to the desired text.
If you decide you don’t want the Costal Clips window after pressing the predefined key, press the key again to hide the program interface.
Several lines can be copied at one time and then pasted all at once with Costal Clips by clicking the ‘3 up arrows’ button and then clicking on the list box line containing the first clip of the previously copied group.
To view the complete bit of text (up to 40 lines) on one of the list box lines, simply click on the corresponding 1-0, A-Z column.
Costal Clips automatically saves all current clips when the program is terminated or when the computer is shut down.

Costal Clips
1. Jean-Pierre Leduc ( – Software Developer
2. Philippe Hinsbergen ( – Translator

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System Requirements For Coastal Clips:

In order to play Cloud Saga, the following requirements must be met:
Internet connection
This emulator can be tested on Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Version 1.2
Unicode System (option) – Change MGR0.B from 4000 to 42B
– Change MGR0.B from 4000 to 42B Fixed some crashing with the system
Improved a little the emulation of the sound quality
Improved some bugs
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