Castlevania – The Adventure ReBirth NTSC-U.wad Hit 👊

Castlevania – The Adventure ReBirth NTSC-U.wad Hit 👊


Castlevania – The Adventure ReBirth NTSC-U.wad Hit

A creepy creature named Dracula develops lost souls and describes them in a lorebook which sends him on a journey to the lost city of Lemuria. He must defeat three evil masters of the ages to recover the soul of a fallen knight that will awaken the true power of the city. This is the first Castlevania game created for 16 bit technology (although Lemuria is a 32 bit item), and is the original game that defined the series. This chopped port was made to produce better graphics for the Wii, but serves as a decent remake of the original.

Lament of Innocence is a surprisingly scary and gothic version of Dracula. Unlike the previous game, this entry from Mercury includes exploration as a key gameplay feature. Several hours can be spent scouring gigantic mansions searching for pieces of the Holy Cross. A new ally named Lisa saves your struggles and provides hints, and imps patrol the streets trying to catch you.

PAL version of the original Twilight Princess. The Nintendo GameCube is the true spiritual successor to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Its success helped keep the aging console alive for a few more years, and online communities and handhelds have continued the legacy. This port of the most impressive GameCube game more than earns its release in the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console library.

Survival-horror in every sense of the phrase. In Spirit Tracks Dracula sends his human allies on a quest to find the Holy Grail. This game is an effective combination of survival horror, puzzle solving, and platforming, which results in one of the tightest game experiences one can have. It was later ported to the 3DS, and the Nintendo DS and Wii U. A lot of elements were later incorporated into the Nintendo Switch port of the series that recently concluded.


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