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Automatically optimizes the RAM of your computer. It will free up used RAM, leaving space for a new application. It will also reduce or stop processes that are interfering with the active RAM.

BeInControl is a system monitoring program for Linux which provides several applications on a single interface. Its main purpose is to monitor the system’s activities. It allows you to analyze the system’s temperature, performance, disk usage, CPU usage, network usage, the applications running on the system and many other useful system metrics.
The following are some of the applications included with the tool:
System Info
Displays some useful information about the system, such as the current time, hostname, IP address, interface, motherboard, hard disk, RAM, etc.
System Profile
The System Profile application is similar to the System Info application. It shows the amount of RAM, the type of RAM (SDRAM, DDR RAM or DDR2), how much of each type of RAM is used by each application, etc.
System Dashboard
The System Dashboard application, which displays system metrics in various tabs, allows you to view and manage various types of metrics. The applications, which are grouped in separate tabs, are: CPU, Disk, Network, Temperature, System Info, and Applications.
The Applications application displays a list of all the applications currently running on the system, showing their memory usage, CPU usage, number of processes, etc. In addition, it allows you to perform various operations with those processes. You can terminate any process, change the priority or the CPU usage limits, manage a process’s network connections, or change its working directory, and so on.
Other Features
Some of the other applications provided by BeInControl include CPU Usage Meter, Process Viewer, Processlist Viewer, and Processlist Editor. The CPU Usage Meter application displays a graph, which shows you the current CPU usage of each process on the system. The Process Viewer displays a list of all the currently running processes on the system. You can view a full list of all the processes running on the system, and if you select one, the application will display the process information in a graph. Finally, the Processlist Editor allows you to edit the details of a selected process.
A large number of system applications are also included with BeInControl, including: Adept installer, Agave, Avant, Avidemux,, Bioc 70238732e0

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When using the program you will encounter the following keystrokes:
Shift + Alt + Space Key: Audio file opening by choosing the files location
Shift + Alt + a : All files open
Shift + Alt + s : Sound file saving
Shift + Alt + p : Previous sound file
Shift + Alt + n : Next sound file
Shift + Alt + q : Quit from application

Shift + Alt + W : Update file list
Shift + Alt + A : Analyze file
Shift + Alt + L : Load file
Shift + Alt + S : Save file
Shift + Alt + F : Show frequency peaks
Shift + Alt + K : Filter the audio frequency
Shift + Alt + I : Analyze the pitch (F0)
Shift + Alt + O : Print text and graph in a file
Shift + Alt + X : Save graph as image
Shift + Alt + M : Load graph as image
Shift + Alt + C : Copy graph as image
Shift + Alt + A : Analyze audio file
Shift + Alt + S : Save audio file
Shift + Alt + P : Save last used audio file
Shift + Alt + N : Open audio file
Shift + Alt + G : Filter frequencies
Shift + Alt + C : Clear text
Shift + Alt + H : Show all files and cancel application
Shift + Alt + Z : Quit from application
Shift + Alt + V : Show audio meter
Shift + Alt + C : Play audio file

* Shift + Alt + A: Analyze audio file

This key enables you to listen to the audio file and analyze the fundamental frequency

* Pitch: (F0) indicates the frequency of sound. It is possible to represent in the audio file by using this feature.

** Frequency Meter: The normal sound level is 20%. If this value increases to 50% or more, it is possible to indicate that there is some interference.

* Chart: The graph is a dynamic graph which can be plotted into a graphics file

* Text: Includes all information about the audio file such as bitrate, sample rate, time, file size, and length

* Properties: Includes information about the audio file such as bitrate, sample rate, time, file size, and length

** The graph can be used to analyze the pitch.

* Shift + Alt + S: Save audio file

This key allows you to save the current audio file

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