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LogonTimer is a computer application developed for parents who want to supervise their children.
The application displays a graph of keyboard and mouse activity during a specified time interval.
If users type or move the mouse during that interval, the application automatically initiates a message box with a warning.
If the user hits any keys during that interval, the application displays the warning again.
All keys pressed during the interval are stored in a file. The application can be started and stopped at any time.
LogonTimer Screenshots:

Overall, a nice simple app that works pretty well. There are still a few things that need to be fixed and a few features to be added, but it’s a start.
Overall Score: 8/10.

(I removed the review for the Mac version because it was very similar to the PC version, and I just want to have a PC review.)

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Breast Health: How Do You Know if You’re at Risk?

by Jennifer Kilpatrick on February 27, 2013

Nothing’s better for a mom’s body than regular breast health checkups.

Moms of daughters in school: Yay!

Yeah, I know it’s pretty geeky, but I couldn’t help it.

I’ve been looking into this whole breast health thing.

The first thing I learned is that breast health can often be out of your control and out of your knowledge.

As in, sometimes you can’t determine if there is an issue or what that issue might be.

This is the part that makes me sad, and then some.

Often, women think that if they have had a breast problem in the past, that’s the end of it.

But it is not.

Breast health problems can occur at any time, at any age.

When you think about it, it is a bit confusing.

The good news is that they can often be detected and treated at a much earlier stage.

But the bad news is you may have no idea that you’re not feeling healthy.

Here’s how I think of it…

If you have had breast problems in the past, you have a risk factor.

If you don’t have any risk factors, you’re ok.

If you eea19f52d2

Map This is a web mapping application that lets you create, edit and convert Clickable Image Maps for the World Wide Web.
With Map This, you can create, edit and convert image maps for your web site.
Map This lets you insert or edit your own links and areas onto the graphic, use true color images, and define what happens when the cursor or mouse clicks on the areas.
Create Image Maps
Map This enables you to convert a static graphic (e.g. a picture of a map) into an interactive image map.
Just load the image, draw on it, and click where you want your link to go. The link URL will be inserted into the map. Clicking a link will take the user to the destination of the link.
Image Map Editing
Map This lets you edit the graphic after it is loaded – cut, copy and paste areas, re-arrange the map, and resize the image.
All of the editing will be reflected in the image map file.
Map This converts the image map file you save to one of three common web map formats, based on the color space of the graphic you loaded.
Map This also includes a button that lets you export the image map directly to the HTML page you are currently editing.
Web Site Conversion
Map This lets you save a map image map as a file in the World Wide Web’s standard image map format – either NCSA, CERN, or HTML 3.0.
You can save it as either GIF, JPG, or TIF files.
Once you convert the file, you can freely convert it to any other web site format, or even add it to your web page.
Image Converter
With Image Converter, you can convert any of the supported image map formats to others, convert it to a GIF, JPG, or TIF file, or convert it to a.MAP,.IMP,.HTM,.HTML, or.SHTML format.
You can set the compression level and the number of colors to be saved.
Map This supports HTML “target” tags for HTML 3.0 image maps, and several other tags that are compatible with the CERN or NCSA image map format.
You can read and write to.HTML files using Map This, and Map This supports the CERN and NCSA image map formats.
Map This also opens your existing image maps and supports editing any other file formats with the click of a button.

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