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Analyze, explore and visualize underground caves and underground systems. Aven is a high quality surveying and exploration tool for underground cave systems.Q:

Node.js/Angular-Node module refuses to be compiled

I am getting this weird issue of some code I wrote for a project is not being compiled. Here is my code:
// angular-node module.
var AngularNodeModule = (function() {
// public function
function AngularNodeModule($scope) {
var app = this;
app.employeeId = undefined;
app.getEmployeeId = function() {
return angular.isDefined($scope.employeeId)? $scope.employeeId : null;
return AngularNodeModule;

// script.js
var AngularNodeModule = require(“./angular-node.module.js”);

var app = new AngularNodeModule($scope);
app.getEmployeeId(); // OK
$scope.employeeId = 1;
app.getEmployeeId(); // NOT OK

The error I am getting is:
Error: [$injector:modulerr]

I am using node v0.10.20 and I am building my project using Grunt-webapp. I have tried building the project without Grunt and also tried using the latest version of the Angular module which doesn’t work either.


I solved this issue. The issue was actually coming from the type of code I was using to generate the bundle. The angular-node module was compiling successfully but was not being applied to the javascript code.
This is how I fixed it:

Removed the script tags from the files that were building the bundles.
Included the script tags back in the html files that were building the bundle.

The bundles were being created by calling the gen-bundle and gen-

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Aven is the leading underground system mapping application, using a brand new C++ based API. This allows the program to interpret each point accurately and be more stable. Based on its ease of use and advanced features, Aven provides the most suitable and effective tools to navigate underground cave systems.
Aven Features:
Stability: The new features allow Aven to interpret a point with a better accuracy, thus making it an effective utility for cave exploration.
Advanced Underground Exploration:
Layout: Although this application allows you to create a detailed visual representation of a cave system, you can use it to present your results to others, as well as navigate the layout of each project in a freeform style.
Presentation: Aven can save your underground explorations, as well as create PowerPoint presentations using them.
Data Analysis: With its unique features, the program can analyze the point data used to construct a cave system. This tool allows you to measure distance and depth, thus being able to create an accurate layout of a cave system.
Explore the Caves of Our Planet:
The application allows you to create a detailed visual representation of a cave system, complete with depth indicators, entry points, surface exits and control points. Using all these options, you can create elaborate and complex cave surveys and underground systems representations in just a couple of minutes.
In addition, you are displayed with GPS coordinates whenever you hover over a certain point, thus knowing exactly where each crevasse or fissure is located. This also helps you map each cave system using the GPS, by measuring the depth and distance between points.
Responsive cave surveying visualizer
Aside from cave mapping, Aven can help you visualize other projects created with it, and inspect each detail of various underground systems. You can intensely analyze other representations of a cave system created by others, using your mouse as a freeform camera to navigate throughout the layout of each imported project.
Aside from this, the application can save each project as an interactive presentation, so that you can use them to your demonstrative slideshows or public conferences. This is a nifty feature, because you only need to use the saved presentation and not the whole program to explain details about a cave system.
An overall good cave surveying utility
To sum it up, Aven is ideal for people who need a sturdy environment to represent and visualize underground cave systems. Tailored to the needs of cave surveyors, the application is able to map cave surveys, then create a presentation with its layout.

What’s New in the Aven?

Underground surveying and mapping: Aven allows you to easily represent and view various underground systems. Utilize this free cave surveying utility to map caves, store and manage it, display it, and present it in public or educational presentations.

Intense Cave Surveying
When it comes to creating cave layouts, you need to consider many things, such as where the entry points are, where the other exit points are, and where the control points are. Based on these premises, you can check the depth and distance from every location in the area.
Dramatic Cave Surveying
Using Aven, you can represent cave systems with almost endless detail, so that you can create an accurate and specific layout of each underground system. Using its powerful 3D presentation view, you can measure the depth and distance from any location and its surroundings, in order to present it accurately.
Unrivaled Cave Surveying
Aside from creating cave layouts, Aven can also be used for other purposes. For instance, you can use it to map and display various underground systems. You can check the distance and depth from every location, so you can know exactly what’s under your feet.
Display Your Presentations
To make it easier to view your cave layouts or presentations, Aven can save them as interactive presentations, that you can use to create or display them using your LCD screen.

Cavern SuperSurveying
Let’s get this straight – you’re a cave explorer and you have a “short” project that you want to create in a small-size program (who wants to do a project that takes more than 15-20 minutes to do just by choosing a few things and pressing the button “Finish”!?). Of course, you can of course do it in any old program, but what you really want is something where you can do all the planning and start mapping immediately. What you need is “Cavern SuperSurveying”.
Cavern SuperSurveying is, unlike most of the other programs, not just a utility, but a full-fledged cave-mapping program, with all of the features of most other programs (small-size, highly intuitive, no distractions, etc).
Because you want to do a “short” project, it’s really important that you have all the “the right tools”, so to speak, to create a high-quality mapping of the cave. In this case, we’ll be using a grid system, which can be more difficult to construct than just picking a few points and dragging them around, but it makes things much more manageable, once you’re finished.
So, for the first step, you’ll have to pick a distance to create the grid in meters. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to choose how many meters from the edge you want to start drawing the lines. Since you’re working in meters, you want to make sure that it’s a multiple

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