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MediaKeys is a software application for controlling media players using hotkeys in the Windows taskbar.
The free version of the program supports Media Player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, foobar2000 and MediaMonkey.
It’s portable, which means you can drop the executable file anywhere on your hard disk or on a removable flash drive and run MediaKeys on any computer.
Keyboard shortcuts for basic media controls are available in the main window.
Global hotkeys for other media player related functions are available in the configuration panel.
Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Download Portable MediaKeys:
Get Portable MediaKeys:
To download a free trial version of this software, all you need is a legitimate Windows PC running Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/Vista and a.
Here are some latest versions for the operating systems:
Win XP: (113KB)
Win Vista: (131KB)
Download Portable MediaKeys:
Download the Portable MediaKeys file using the links above.
Extract the downloaded file to your hard disk.
Run the executable file.
Choose the installation folder you want to install it in, where you can use it as a portable application.
Once installed, it’s available for use in the taskbar notification area.
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In the modern world, people from all around the globe are surfing the web more than ever before. Social networking sites are widely used to find information, advertise, and network with other people. Internet is the greatest invention of the world which has many advantages. The world wide web is filled with more and more websites on daily basis. Web hosting is an important factor to establish and maintain an online presence. The need of web hosting has increased day by day. A web hosting service is that which provides you with a space or area on a server to store data. The data stored by you is called as website.
What is a web hosting?
Web hosting is the use of a server computer or network by which one or more web sites are provided. Web hosting service provider is the provider of space on the web. The hosting provider is called as web host. It provides a server where you can upload and view your web pages.
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Micro DVD Player is one of the best software that can play DVD files. It can play your old DVD movies and convert them into MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MOV, TS, VOB, RM and MKV formats. This software is designed for people who want to enjoy their DVD movies and listen to their music without using their CD discs.
Micro DVD Player is a software that will run on any Windows operating system including windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10.

There are various applications out there that can play disk content, but when it comes to quality only a few are capable of keeping it intact. As its name suggests, Micro DVD Player was built to enable users to play ripped DVD movies, trying to offer almost the same experience as the original disc.
Lightweight and easy to use
The interface has a minimal look, but you’ll find it extremely easy to use once you get acquainted with what it has to offer. Because the main window is so tiny, all the functions had to be encased in a few little buttons. This might seem a bit inconvenient, but it’s compensated by the little tips that popup when you hover the mouse on each of them.
Micro DVD Player automatically detects Micro DVDs inserted in your CD-ROM drives and features four operation modes: you can load the movie from the CD-ROM or from your hard drive, you can use the Quick-INI Mode (it plays a video file optionally accompanied by an audio one with subtitles) or you can use the Playlist Mode to play any video or audio file just like any other media player.
Watch ripped DVD content at the same quality
Micro DVD Player’s configuration window is divided into several sections that allow you to customize the Layout, Controls, Menu, Subtitle and Codec settings.
Probably the best thing is that Micro DVD Player does its job and, to be honest, does it well, without eating up many of your hardware resources.
The ace up its sleeve is that it also display menus and options just like on the original disc, so you won’t really feel the difference between your rip and the genuine version.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Micro DVD Player is a comfortable solution for playing ripped movies. It manages to keep the viewing quality close to the original DVD, which is outstanding by all standards.
Micro DVD Player Description:
Micro DVD Player is one

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