Display several images of colorful butterflies in the background
KEYMACRO Description:
Change background
KEYMACRO Description:
Change iconsdefine(“ace/ext/loop_regexp”,[“require”,”exports”,”module”,”ace/lib/oop”,”ace/mode/text_highlight_rules”,”ace/mode/regexp_highlight_rules”], function(require, exports, module) {
“use strict”;

var oop = require(“../lib/oop”);
var TextHighlightRules = require(“./text_highlight_rules”).TextHighlightRules;
var RegexpHighlightRules = require(“./regexp_highlight_rules”).RegexpHighlightRules;

function hasTag(tags, tag) {
return Object.keys(tags).some(function(key) {
return tags[key].toLowerCase() === tag.toLowerCase();

var LoopHighlightRules = function() {
this.$rules = {
“start” : [{
token : “”,
regex : /\\(?:(?:do|while|for|down|up|s(?:t(?:eak|ow|p)\\)|break|until|next|out|try|catch|finally|import(?:-mustache)?|ascending|descending|group)\\b)/
}, {
token : “keyword.control.loop.for”,
regex : /\\(?:(?:for|down|up|s(?:t(?:eak|ow|p)\\)|break|until|next|out|try|catch|finally|import(?:-mustache)?|ascending d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is an application that allows you to use any mobile phone or tablet as an external keyboard for your computer. It supports both QWERTY and qwerty keyboards and it uses Virtual Input and DLL injection to register the virtual keyboard.
Keyboard on touch screen
Since it is a virtual keyboard, your tablet will not be bigger than normal and you can use the keyboard on the touch screen without losing any advantages of the touch screen.
It is not always smooth
The application may not be as smooth as a conventional keyboard because it uses the virtual keyboard, which is not as comfortable as a real keyboard. However, it is better than no keyboard at all and it may still be useful on a tablet.
Keyboard with virtual buttons
You can also use it on any Android device that has a physical keyboard, but the virtual buttons are in the same place as the real buttons.
KRYTT Description:
KRYTT is a program that lets you record, manage and play audio files without a professional audio recorder. With KRYTT you can record from computer speakers, microphone, line in, mobile phone and even Internet streaming audio and save them to MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and OGG files.

You can play the recording from file or directly from memory. The app can also manage the recording with the playback by line in, headphones, computer speakers and phone.
Besides, you can send the recording to your favorite audio sharing site by email and retrieve the file whenever you want.
KRYTT features:
• Record any type of audio
• Play the recorded audio from the file
• Play the recorded audio from memory
• You can transfer your recorded audio to your favorite audio sharing site by email
• You can play the recorded audio from file
• You can play the recorded audio from memory
• Record from computer speakers, microphone, line in
• Play from computer speakers, line in, headphones, mobile phone
• You can send the recorded audio to your favorite audio sharing site
• You can send the recorded audio to your favorite audio sharing site by email

Record from PC and transfer to phone
The main purpose of PC to Android recording, not to transfer the data from PC to Android. You have to use this app and transfer recording by USB or WiFi connection from PC to Android.

You can connect your Android phone to computer by USB or WiFi or Bluetooth.
If you install on PC by WiFi, it

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