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First it’s a simple dropdown list, for which all data is loaded from a table called groups. You can select one or more group from this table. But you needn’t select a group to see the groups list.
Once you selected a group, we’ll show a list of available items in this group. When you select one item, it’ll be moved to the top of this list (similar to group chat windows in skype).
From the top of this list, you can see all the data for this selected item.

Using Google App Engine SDK:

application: archer
version: 1
runtime: python27
api_version: 1
threadsafe: true

– name: webapp2
version: latest
– name: jinja2
version: latest
– name: webtest
version: latest
– name: email
version: latest

– name: sqlite3
version: latest

– url: /
login: admin

– url: /group.*
login: admin

– url: /images
static_dir: images

– url: /assets
static_dir: assets

– url: /.*
login: required

– url: /handler
login: admin

– url: /version
login: required

– url: /static
static_dir: static

– url: /js
static_dir: js

– url: /(.*)
login: required
from google.appengine.ext import webapp
from google.appengine.ext.webapp import util
from google.appengine.ext.webapp import template
from google.appengine.ext.webapp import blobstore_handlers
from google.appengine.ext.webapp import blobstore_handlers
from google.appengine.ext.webapp.util import run_wsgi_app
from google.appengine.api import users
from google.appengine.ext.

Archer 6.3.7 For Windows

User can customize KEYMACRO settings, and implement their own macros.
Some macros can be run when call a function, only in specific condition
KEYMACRO can be nested too, and each nested macro can be run in a new line.

About Self developed
It is a task for self-developed. And I don’t want to reveal all codes and secret settings. So I put some related macro setting into configuration and hidden some codes into private variables.


The name “Archer” is a good one!
Also, to be honest I haven’t tried this yet. The idea is excellent, it’s very easy to use, and simple. Your question is:

“So what I want to know is, Is Archer possible to access Google API
and run specific function?”

The answer is “yes, absolutely”. Archer can access the Google API at
any time, so you can do this:

So here, we have the Google Books API, which is a service provided by Google. This service has a function named volume, and you can call this function by giving it some book information. I recommend you to read this API’s documentation, it’s a lot of information.
Now, if you want to know how the volume function works, this is a good way to know. You can open the “Preview” tab in the Network tab and see all the calls being made. (See image below)

The interesting information is that the URL you provided returns a JSON response. It’s totally fine to use JSON responses, because any programming language, no matter what it is, can easily parse a JSON response. So now we have a way to access the

Archer 6.3.7 Product Key Full [Mac/Win]

Event Listener: When the event listener detect an event, it triggers the event function.
Editor: When user edit some texts, Archer will save the changes to db automatically

Update Date:

2014-07-18 17:10:56 UTC + Date: 17th Jul, 2014

New Status:

the latest version is 0.0.8 (


Archer is a default google app engine app, and the clustering is supported. If you have the problem that multiple users log on to your site at the same time, you could dynamically allocate clusters to your users.


You can try Archer on the right side of the page.
In Archer, you could create a special text by selecting a word and clicking the ‘Enter’ button, and then this word will be displayed. 
And if you want to change the colour of some text, simply drag the text and click the ‘Change’ button.

Listening and using the events

As the documentation says, the program will listen to the user events. It means that any action the user does on Archer will be detected and then Archer will send the information to the server. 
The following code block is about saving the changes to the text. 

public void onSave(SaveEvent event) {
if (event.getFile() == null) {
System.out.println(“file is not null!”);
} else {
InputStream stream = null;
try {
stream = new FileInputStream(event.getFile());
Properties properties = new Properties();
String content = properties.getProperty(“txtContent”);
if (content!= null) {
Text text = new Text();

What’s New in the?

This tool can create a video with user voice or images. It is for desktop or android mobile.

In this tool, I will try to use Firebase and SwiftyJSON as external libraries, because I think this tool can be used for mobile apps, and the basic algorithm of this tool is just a static data, which is not changeable in real time.

Step 1:Add Firebase code in Archer.

– Step 2: Add SwiftyJSON code in Archer.

class SceneManager: NSObject, SKTSceneDelegate {

var scenes = [SKTScene]()

override init() {

func scene(scene: SKTScene, didAddChild child: SKTNode) {

func sceneDidEnd(_ scene: SKScene) {
self.scene(self.scenes[0], willPlay nextScene: nil)

class PeopleManager: NSObject, SKTSceneDelegate {

var people = [SKTPerson]()

override init() {

func scene(scene: SKTScene, didAddChild child: SKTNode) {
self.people.append(SKTPerson(person: scene, name: “”))

func sceneDidEnd(_ scene: SKScene) {
self.scene(self.people[0], willPlay nextScene: nil)

System Requirements:

Game Media Requirements:
Licensing Requirements:
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