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The keymacro is the simplest and only software I ever used. It allows you to map a simple keyboard shortcut with every key on your keyboard.
Keymacro was originally released as a patch for games such as Doom 1, 2, 3, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake 3, Unreal and others.
It was made to allow you to get fast access to all the gaming controls in-game without having to use the mouse. Although it can be used for any program that has standard keyboard shortcuts, it was designed for gamers who don’t have a gamepad.
How to install it
Make sure the program is installed and in your working directory.
Copy the folder named “keysmacro” in your working directory to the folder you use for your games.
For example, if you want to be able to access the “WASD” (Movement, Aiming, Shooting) keys from the keyboard, put “keysmacro” in your desktop and copy it to your game directory.
After that, run the game. Press the hotkeys you want to map and use the WASD keys to move, look around, aim, shoot, and so on.
How to use it
Select an existing shortcut.
Press “Find Shortcut” to search through all the shortcuts that have been configured.
Select a shortcut.
Edit the shortcut.
Press “Apply”.
The shortcut you selected will have a red border around it. Pressing F1 on your keyboard or using your mouse will “un-edit” it.
All the hotkeys you have mapped will have a yellow border around them.
Press “Preview” to test the changes.
Repeat steps 5-6 until you are satisfied.
Click “Apply” to finish.
Keymacro will remember all the shortcuts you have mapped. You can later deselect all the shortcuts by pressing “Clear all” or by removing the shortcut files from the program directory.

Chimp Control Software is designed to mimic the wild behaviour of chimpanzees in the real world, to teach children how to control their moods and emotions.
Chimp Control Software is a set of five software programs, which are designed to teach your child how to control their moods and emotions.
The first module of the set, moodie chimp, consists of two tools – the moodypatient and the moodypocket. The moodypatient enables your child to understand and control their moods by making their own mood chart 70238732e0

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Use free RAW text replacement functions to quickly change macron(s) to eacute, adieresis, rdiaeresis, etc.
Quickly switch all the macron, eacute, and other accented letters and symbols in a file with a click of a button. Supports most major languages. If you want to define more characters to be changed use all function mode and define them in “MACROs.txt”
How to use:
Create a new text document and paste the text to be replaced (or simply paste a part of the text to be replaced) in the file or type in the text to replace into the file from the command line. After creating the file, click on the “Quick Change” button and select a macro file from “Macros.txt”.
Use the standard “.txt” file with the text you want to replace.
The program will produce a new file with a new name and the replaced text.
Save your new file as the original one.
You may repeat this process as often as you wish until you find all accented characters.
It can replace words with a click of a button:
By pressing the button, the current text will be replaced by any of the words of “Macros.txt”.
By pressing the button, the current text will be replaced by the current text.
By pressing the button, the current text will be replaced by the word “CANCEL”.
You may change a part of the text to be replaced by pressing the button and typing your replacement.
Press the button again to cancel it and return to the original text.
Your choice of using a click of a button will be saved in “Macros.txt”.
For more details, view the “Help” file.
Apple, the Apple logo, macOS, and Mac OS X are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
*** License ***
The following license is the result of a good faith effort to balance (2) the rights of the application developer/publisher and (3) the rights of the consumer.
This software is provided as is, without any warrenty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied. Use it at your own risk!
Any use of this code outside the limits of this agreement is strictly forbidden.
If you feel your rights have been infringed, or if

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