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Keymacro allows you to display macros and control the playback of your music by
kicking off an automatically playing, repeating macro. You can program the macro to
react to a selection or button press, or a time trigger, and the keys you assign to the macro
will only be processed once the macro has been activated. You can assign whatever key
you wish, as well as assign a delay (e.g., play for 0.25 seconds before repeating). You can
assign the macro to as many different keys as you want.
You can create macros in a normal text editor, then choose the macro from the ‘Macros’
submenu, and assign it to any key you like.
Macro manager Description:
The macro manager allows you to remove, edit, and delete macros that are already
assigned to keys. You can also assign macros to keys that are not already assigned macros.
You can assign macros to keys that are already assigned macros, or you can assign a
macro that is already assigned to a key to a key that is not already assigned a macro.
You can choose the macro delay and the number of times the macro is played.
You can also create macros that are triggered by a selection or button press, or a
time trigger.
Keymacro free Description:
This is the freely-downloadable version of Keymacro. This is the same program as the
keymacro Standard Edition, except that the free version has fewer options, and does not
work offline.
FREEDB-3D Description:

MIDI Input Description:

QCD FreeDB-AAC Description:

QCD FreeDB-MLP Description:

QCD FreeDB-OGG Description:

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3D model viewer with a configurable user interface. It’s very light and fast. It can export 3D models to PNG or BMP format, or simply display them using Viewer window.

ASL from American Studies Library is a Free Academic Software License (FASL), developed by the
Center for Research Libraries, and approved by the Provost’s Office at the University of Virginia.
The license is intended for academic institutions and is free for both trial and permanent use.

ASL is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.
The license and more information can be found on
Use of the ASL is not recommended unless you have permission. It is in no way supported by

3D Studio Max is a leading 3D modeling software that is employed by game developers,
educators and architects alike.
The software is equipped with a number of powerful tools and capabilities, making it possible
to create and model everything from real-time animated characters to highly detailed
architectural designs and miniatures.
Download 3D Studio Max

VMware ThinApp is a product that enables the delivery of Microsoft Windows programs to
Windows-based client computers in a secure manner that guarantees that the applications will be
operating in compliance with Microsoft licensing restrictions.
VMware ThinApp is also delivered through VMware Virtualization Platforms, as well as other
VMware products.
Download VMware ThinApp

CADCAM is a comprehensive 2D and 3D cadastral software suite designed to help
applications in cadastre and land management, including CAD and GIS, the construction of
graphics and topographic maps, collection of data through various survey methods, and much
Download CADCAM

OpenLaszlo is an open-source rich Internet application (RIA) platform that offers
more than 500 visualization components. Visualization components can be used to create
interactive web applications that are very intuitive to use, that support multiple user interfaces,
and that are easily embedded into existing applications.
Download OpenLaszlo

Nodebox is a powerful, lightweight, and easy-to-use web server and Apache module.
Nodebox is a great option for running a very small and very light web server, such as
serving a website or e-mail.
Nodebox is a great choice for those looking for a small server

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